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Wellness/Preventative Care

We at Island Tides Veterinary Hospital understand the importance of regular checkups. They are essential to your pet’s long-term wellness.

Wellness and Preventative Care

Regular examinations are imperative to the health and wellness of our pets. It is well documented that detecting health concerns and starting treatments early greatly improves the life expectancy and the quality of life of our dogs and cats.

Why Is It Important for Your Pet to Get Regular Checkups?

Regular visits offer a chance for instruction and education. Our friendly staff is here to help if you have any questions or concerns about anything involving your pets. This can encompass a variety of topics including diet and exercise.

Your veterinarian does a thorough physical examination with every wellness visit and discusses any concerns you may have noted at home. 


This is where we may detect health issues before they become noticeable or problematic for your pet. Common issues noted include dental disease and changes in body condition; changes that can be challenging to note in a pet that you see every day! Early intervention for these issues can result in a longer and better quality of life. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to ensure that your pets have all the vaccinations and other preventive care they need to be healthy. Your pets may require deworming, flea, and/or tick treatments while you are at our facility.